About SAR-Hub

SAR-Hub supports the management of a SAR agency. The design of SAR-Hub recognizes that SAR responders may be members of multiple agencies, and that incident responses typically involve multiple SAR agencies.

Current features include:
  • Member Roster Maintenance, including a standard set of fields and customizable fields
  • Expiration Date Alerts
  • Qualification History for Members
  • Attendance Tracking (for members at the agency level)
  • Personal Activity Tracking
  • Checklists (e.g. on boarding checklist, Position Task Books)
  • ID Card Lookup - ability to lookup certifications, dates, etc from a QR Code and a member numb on the ID Card
  • Report Writer - flexible reporting system to extract spreadsheets on the above
  • Granular Security - the Agency and the Member can elect who can see and update whai information
  • Sharing of "How to Call Us Out" contact information


This is a not-for-profit service. The author, Patty Lindsay, is currently paying the minimal monthly hosting fees, and is willing to continue to do that for the short-term. If the usage of the site grows as more agencies are added, the monthly hosting fees may become high enough that a small annual fee may be charged to each agency to help cover those fees.

Help Sources:

  • YouTube Channel
  • Overview of Features: PDF | Video
  • SAR-Hub For Members: PDF | Video
  • SAR-Hub For Admins
    • Basics: PDF
    • Setting up an Agency: PDF | Video
    • Date Alerts: PDF
    • Qualification History: PDF
    • Attendance and Activity Tracking Module: PDF
    • Checklist Module: PDF
    • ID Card Lookup: PDF
    • Report Module: PDF
    • Admin Security: PDF
Possible Future Features:
  • Customized Task Assignment Forms / SAR104s from SARTopo
  • Incident Action Plan generation
  • Resource Tracking
Get Started

We welcome all SAR agencies to the SAR Hub system. To get started, you'll need to get an Agency initialized in SAR-Hub. Please email contact@sar-hub.com with the following:

  1. Your Name
  2. Contact Email
  3. Name of your SAR Agency
  4. Nickname, abbreviation or acronym
  5. Website or social media page for your agency
  6. Location or Address of the Agency, or central location of a response area.